Riot Team Headquarters
Ranking System

Riot is a large teamwork oriented guild involved in all types of game play.

From far and wide they came, with one hope, one dream: To find a place to call home, a fellowship of strong teammates and claim their rightful place of dominance upon the plains of Eredar.

Current Events and Announcements

Team Mongoose Strikes !

Tuesday 7-11pm : Since the core is clear for us this week, we will run it again on the Mongoose schedule, Tuesday and Thursday 7-11pm.

There will be a poll up to select a new raid time for the single team solution we are going back to for a while.

Onyxia is still Saturday 1-3pm

We will insititute a roster system soon in order to get our team back up to speed as soon as possible.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to gather their fire resistant gear from various instances outside of Molten Core. See Raid qualifications forums for ideas! Check thotbot, ask friends, relatives, pets!

I thank for assisting my humble persona this previous year span along with my VA interest and my personal issues. You have been truly over there for me. You are really over there for us. say thanks in so many ways. With the regards of my family, and my many acquaintances we will be over there for you.

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We need to make a truly solid effort at this time to pull together as a team. Stay together in groups when in contested areas, farm things the many we need, stay off your alts until your mains are ready to rock the core! Really show the riot spirit and team up for Dire Maul runs, Onyxia key quests chains, finding and crafting high quality gear.

Paldins interested in MC should immediately stop concerning themselves with getting Lightforge sets and focus on getting cloth pieces such as devout or magisters. There are also some red dragonscale mail chests which give outstanding bonuses and we will be working to manuafacture these asap. Dire Maul, silithus are excellent places to get high quality blue items without the extended amount of raiding required to collect the first blue complete set. Do not waste time with this! Soon you will be in tier I epics.

Molten Core :

Tuesday 7-11pm

Onyxia :

Saturday 1pm - 3pm

Core Looting Policy Change : DKP Revereted to orignial 75% system.


2005 Riot Team